IPL Treatments

Laser hair removal

Get rid of those unwanted hair once and forever.

Extensive and individually catered programs for the best results. The first 20-min consultation is free.

Facial laser hair removal

Upper/lower lip                      $30

Upper & lower lip                  $50

Chin                                          $50

Cheeks                                      $55

Full face                                    $100

Front or back of the neck      $70

Spa Setting

Body laser hair removal

Full legs                         $250

Lower legs                     $150

Upper legs                      $180

Full arm                         $150

Lower arms                   $80

Upper arms                    $50

Underarms                     $50

Hands (top and fingers)$50

Breasts                            $40

Stomach                          $50

Bikini                               $50

Bikini extended             $70

Brazilian                         $90

Buttocks                              $100


Bikini and Underarms            $120

Half legs and underarms         $220

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